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1st Threadless Design

I am just beginning to submit designs to  This is a site that allows people to vote on artists designs.  A few designs are chosen each week to be printed and the artist gets paid a fee from Threadless for the design.

I think I have some great ideas for shirts.  For example, I have begun a series of Illustrations called “Historical Fistfights,” where I take figures from history and pit them together in a fight.  You can see the first in this series on my portfolio page  It is a fist fight between Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev .  I think that this and other illustration in the series would make great t-shirts.  I’ll let you know when I submit them in future posts.  If you have any ideas for fist fights you’ve dreamed of seeing, but missed the chance because they are figures from history that are now dead, reply to this post.  Maybe I can make your dreams materialize.

As of right now, I am just trying to get the hang of Threadless and how the process works.  I took a drawing from my sketchbook that I thought would make a cool t-shirt design and created the images below.  Let me know what you think.  I am submitting them to the Threadless Forums for critique, as well.  At the end of the week, I will submit the design for voting.  You could really help me out by going to Threadless (completing a quick registration) and voting on it.  I’ll let you know about that in a few days, when it is up.

1st Threadless Submission (Black)

1st Threadless Submission (Black)

1st Threadless Submission (Green)

1st Threadless Submission (Green)


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